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Recently I received an email from a fan who was upset with me asking for donations.I wanted to clarify some information.  This page has been designed as a platform to promote casting notices and auditions around the US and some parts of the world. I get the casting notices and audition as well as all my information from the casting agency’s and casting directors. I do research these information before I post them. If you are a Music Artist I get my information from Record labels and A&R executives, VP and CEO’s and the Information is shared with you.  It is also a way for you to let people know who you are and your career in the entertainment industry. We post casting calls for major and indie projects in film, television, stage, fashion shows and much more. Be sure to browse our timeline as well as actively network on as many posts as possible. If you find a casting notice that interest you, please do not submit to our inbox or on the page. Please follow all directions that it tells you. You must submit directly to the contact info provided on each project casting notice. We hope you check us out as much as possible and enjoy this page. Now, if you just clicked like recently, we’d like to know who you are and if we have help you some how. If you have gotten a casting call or gig or record contract then by all means please share. This is a free site that we wanted to help anyone who is trying to network in the entertainment industry. 

Artists. Connections are extremely important components of a successful career in the music industry. Networking is everything! When you work in the music industry, you are part of a large community of people with different roles and skills who collaborate to create and Information that I share with you are  for music industry networking and it will tell you how to network in the music business – even if you hate to network. as well as An up to date list of all the must-be networking events for all music industry professionals. Record labels to contact, Agent and Managers connections, music terms and information to get you heard the right way. Remember the music industry is a business. Let me teach you all that I  know. I worked with some of the best in the music industry and I will share what I learn with you. I Learned from the best Professional in the Music Industry  working in A&R departments. Some of my information is free and some are not. 


Here I will share with you all of the tips, terms ideas, and insights  as well as Videos from the best music industry. I know you will learn a lot. Just know that I work really hard and not all the infomation I share you will agree on or like, If you have any questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them. My job is to educate you on the music industry before you get out there.

 If you can donate then we will be very grateful. We are not forcing anyone. This is just to help us with office supplies, researching, resources and helping with some cost. I thank you for taking the time to visit my page and reading this.

I wish you good luck or as we say it in the entertainment industry “Break a Leg”

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Redemption Films is seeking actors for a feature film, THE HOT WING SPECIAL

Stipends will be provided for participation.

Auditions will be held on September 3, 2014 at The Catalysts Ranch, 656 West Randolph from 7 to 10 p.m.

Please email your headshots and resumes to

TREMAINE – 20s. African-American. Neya’s boyfriend. Strategic and caring.

NEYA – 20s. African-American. Tremaine’s girlfriend. Attractive, sensitive and, at times, fiery.

MAMA – 40s. African-American. Tremaine’s mother. Emotional and oftentimes distraught.

EARL – 40s. African-American. Tremaine’s stepfather. A drunk. Freeloader. Yet intelligent.

JAMES – 40s. African-American. Neya’s father.
Warm and protective.

TIM – 20s. Ethnicity open. Laid back. Loyal.

BIG G – 30s. Ethnicity open. Sly. Has a commanding presence.

KEISHA – 20s. Big G’s business partner. Straightforward.

SMITH – 40s. Ethnicity open. A cop. Level-headed. Authoritative.

MIRIAM – 40s. African-American. A cop. Motherly. Also as authoritative.

ELIJAH – 18. African-American. Miriam’s son. Educated and misguided.

MISS ALICE – 60s. African-American. Sweet, full of life and wisdom. Slightly senile.

CERVANTES – 30s-40s. Ethnicity open. Nice, professional yet disorganized.

CUSTOMER #1 – 30s-40s. Ethnicity open. Drug addict; senile.

HOLMES – 50s. Ethnicity open. Landlord. Quick and to the point.


SG50 National Catwalk (Jan 2015): 50 x Male & Female Models wanted for SG50 National Catwalk runway. From age 1 to 50 years old. (Born in year 1965 to year 2014). And you must be either a Singaporean or PR.

Come and be part of the SG50 celebration which will definitely enter Guinness Book of World Records.

And yes, each model will be compensated for the time & effort but please look beyond this. All talents/models will be given a special SG50 Memento, Certificate of Participation & the privilege of being part of this very unique & meaningful SG50 Celebration – into the Singapore history.

Please email us with the subject title “SG50 National Catwalk” with your weight/height/latest vital statistics please? Plus your D.O.B. (Important) to “”.

Thank you.

Attention All models, designers, DJ, vendors, artist,and hair stylist

From the producer of
‪#‎BlazeDarunway‬ ‪#‎Alleyesonfashiontv‬

“Bring you Fashion rock#3 urban vs retro.

Audition will be held sun sept 28 show date Dec 2014 in NYC.

Now auditioning male & female model ,designer urban, retro, swimwear,casual, fun and sexy designers

Model must be 18 and up must have 2 years experience. Male models 5.10 and up ladies 5.6 A MUST If you do not know how to walk the runway you must take a class.
fashion rock #3 the hottest fashion DJ concert. 8 top DJs will be competing for $1300

This event will be televised on the New all eyes on fashionTV.

All models, designers, DJ, vendors, artist,and hair stylist will be featured on a special taping of all eyes on Fashion TV.

For registration and entry email us today don’t wait till the last minute. Event will be held at amazura concert hall December 2014 date coming soon.
Email us 4 photo your brand (All entry).

Be sure to mention ‪#‎Tanyawhite‬ referred you


Movie Casting! We are looking for Actors and Actresses ages 18-50 to be cast in an UPCOMING FILM as Supporting Roles and Extras.

This will include a SHORT version, and FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM. It will be shot in MA, mostly right In and around Boston. To SUBMIT for casting, Please send in NAME, HEADSHOT + FULL LENGTH, and RESUME/EXPERIENCE and CONTACT INFO to :

** Must be in the Boston Area****

****If you are out of state or country then it will be up to you to pay for travel.**********

****If you will be in the Boston area for filming then yes, it will be paid by hour/day rates, but they are not paying for travel.****


We are excited to announce our latest project set to film in the New Orleans, LA area!

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to the Golden Era of Hollywood? Now is your chance to travel back and time and shine as an extra on TRUMBO, filming begins mid September and will wrap mid November!

Please be sure to check out our latest post on . If you are over 18 and you have a flexible schedule for the next few months, we want to hear from you! Our core group will work a variety of days. You must be available to come in for a short meeting with our Extras Casting Director tomorrow or Friday. Please note, due to the time period there are special restrictions to keep in mind for casting.

*No visible tattoos
*No wild hair. Men must be willing to receive a haircut and clean facial shave. Ladies, if you do not have natural color hair you would need to be willing to remove any color and/or highlights.
*No visible piercings, must be willing to remove
*Will be expected to attend a fitting

If you are having issues with feel free to email us at

Include: Name, Age, Contact #, Height/Weight, Wardrobe Sizes and clear, recent photos (no hats/no sunglasses/no mirror pics or selfies)

DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE PLEASE. allows you to update and manage your own personal casting profile for several casting companies in one easy to use location!