AUDITION CASTING CALL Please see the character descriptions below.


Nicole Kearney Productions Call for Auditions. Please see the character descriptions below. Submit a 2 to 3 minute video of you doing a monologue of your choice and another of you interpreting the character you want to audition. Send to by December 31, 2015. Individuals will be contacted for in person audition.

Grown & Beautiful an original soap opera series revolves around the wealthy and feuding Walder family who are at odds on the future direction of their hair care dynasty. It explores their entangled lives, high-stakes battles and loyalties.

Character List and Description

Ida Malone Walder, Mom – 50-60ish African American woman. Classy, sophisticated, educated entrepreneur. Matriarch of family and CEO of business enterprise. She loves and supports her husband, but they don’t agree on the direction of the company. She is protective of what her family has created. She has a tenuous relationship with her youngest daughter. She’s attractive, educated with a street side. She wants to keep the business in the family.

Jeffrey Walder, Dad – 50-60ish African American man. He’s handsome, educated and charming. He joined the business where he met his wife (Mom). He loves his children, perhaps to his detriment. His oldest daughter and son are part of the business and will become co-CEO’s once he and his wife retire. Each has separate ideas of how the company should proceed. It’s being courted by Caucasian owned companies offering to buy him out. He’s leaning towards selling but first has to convince his wife.

Maxine Walder Bromer, Oldest Daughter – 35 year old African American woman. She’s attractive, educated and classy. She is ambitious with eyes on expanding the business. This puts her at odds with her father who is unsure what he wants to do with the business. Her husband has his own ambitious for the company. She takes her dad’s uncertainty in selling the business as an opportunity to try and start expanding the business into a new product line.

Cole Walder, Son, 25 African American man. He’s educated, handsome and charming. He wants to make a name for himself and expand the business by going into new areas of business. His father is resistant. He sees his sister’s defiance as an opening to try his own plans to take the company in a new direction.

Sophie Walder, Youngest Daughter 17 (prefers someone who is 21 and can play the age range of 17-21), light skinned African American woman. She is spoiled, smart, and beautiful and has no ambition other than being famous. She basks in the attention of being a socialite. Because of her family’s connections she believes she doesn’t need to put forth effort in her education or otherwise. She wants her parents to sell the company to in order to boosts her visibility. Tired of being seen as insignificant in her family, she hatches a plan to make them see her value.

Henry Bromer, Husband of Maxine Walder Bromer, mid to late 30’s Caucasian male. He is handsome, charming and manipulative. He plans to control the family business after he gets the father to sell. He’s secretly assisting the competition in negotiations. The youngest daughter is working with him to get the business sold. He’s unhappy but sees the pay off if he gets the business sold.

Jade, Son’s girlfriend, 18/ saying she’s 21, open ethnicity. She’s a social climber, looking to marry rich. She loves the limelight, wealth and status. She becomes friends with youngest daughter and possibly gets involved with Husband’s plan to take-over company and possibly is involved with him.

Karen, Nannie, mid to late 40’s, Caucasian. She’s attractive, middle-class. She’s worked for the Walder family for 20 plus years. She became involved in an affair with Jeffrey after he and Ida had their son. She raised Sophie, her love child with him. She is plotting with Jeffrey to get the company sold so he can divorce Ida and marry her.

William, Ida’s son, 40, African American, handsome, smart. Ida had in college and gave up for adoption. He is Jade’s boyfriend at the time she meets Cole. He gets dumped. He wants revenge. He gets recruited by the conglomerate to try and sabatoge the business. He might end up in a relationship with Karen.


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