1) You must commit to a full 12-14 hr day. A typical day starts early in the morning around 6AM and you cannot leave set until released. Pay rate Non-Union 72/8 hrs and Union: General SAG BG Rate.

2) NO SOCIAL MEDIA: NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. You MAY NOT blog, facebook, tweet, instagram, snap chat, or use any other type of social media to talk about your time on set. Set is confidential and if you take photos on set you may be asked to leave and not return.

3) DO NOT speak to the director, assistant director, or actors, unless they speak to you first. They are extremely busy. You are there to work and so are they!

4) Please stay in designated areas (“Extra’s Holding”) as a group.DO NOT wander off. If you need to leave set to use the restroom or the phone you MUST tell the background Production Assistant.

5) Remain quiet in and around the set at all times.

6) CELL PHONE POLICY (DIFFERS PER PRODUCTION): If you must bring your cell phone, we strongly urge you to hide it in your cars. If you bring your cell phone to set you must turn it off. If it is a CLOSED set you will have it taken away from you to be stored and you will not get it back until you wrap. NO PHOTOS ON SET.

7) DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO SET.  Neither the production company or Boston Casting are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

8) When the shoots ends for the day, by law you must leave the set immediately AFTER you have signed out with the production company. You will be asked to fill out a payment voucher. Please bring your own pen and write clearly for accounting. Always save your copy of your voucher as it is proof you worked.

9) You are responsible for your own transportation and parking. Typically parking is provided by production and Boston Casting will let you know ahead of time if parking is provided.

10) In order to be paid, you will need to fill out an I9 on set. You must be legal to work in the United States. You should bring a passport with you if you have one, that will serve as your sole for of ID. If you do not have a passport please bring 2 forms of ID. One needs to be a photo ID such as a license or State ID Card. Your second form of ID could be your social security card or your birth certificate.

11) When you are booked, your name and only your name will be on the check in list. You are not permitted to bring family members or friends to set.

12) It is a good idea to bring a book, magazine, or something to occupy yourself during downtime. There is a lot of downtime throughout the day. Again, we do not recommend bringing anything valuable.

13) YOU ARE NOT BOOKED until you get a call time. You will be checked by phone first for your availability and then you’ll be sent an email the night before the shoot. YOU MUST CONFIRM TO THIS EMAIL. IF YOU DO NOT CONFIRM TO THIS EMAIL YOU WILL BE REPLACED.

14) BE ON TIME! This is important. Productions are always tight on time and cannot afford to delay shooting because people are late. Please plan your travel time accordingly so that you can be sure to be at check in at your given time.


Author: Castingcallvip

I am Aspiring Actress looking for a work in this Entertainment world. I started my Blog to help Talent/Artist network or connect in this busy world we call Entertainment. I network with amazing producer, Directors, casting Agents around the world. I also work with A&R Records And all amazing artists in music. I love music and movies and sports and meeting new people.

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