ADDRESS IN THE CASTING CALL******* Casting OBAMALAND is SAG ULTRA LOW FEATURE and will be filming in Charlotte NC.

Maxann Crotts-Harvey


OBAMALAND is SAG ULTRA LOW FEATURE and will be filming in Charlotte NC. They are accepting headshots/resumes/reels from union and non union talent. Filming will start within the next few weeks. Please take a moment to take a look at the character breakdown and see if you fit any of these roles.
DEADLINE DATE for submissions is 1/27/2016 So, get those headshots and resumes and reels (if you have one) in as fast as you can! Please do not email me. Just send all of your info to the email address listed above. Here is the breakdown of the characters that they are looking for:
Ed McCain: LEAD – Caucasian, 35-50 years old. All American strong John Wayne Cowboy-type. Ed is a former Marine turned revolutionary. Must play drunk well. Improv experience a plus.
Jack : LEAD – Caucasian, 35-50 years old. Jack is the tough, intense leader of a group of revolutionaries. Think Kurt Russell (including the eye patch) as ‘Snake’ in “Escape from LA”. Improv or comedy experience preferred.
Hope White: LEAD – Caucasion, 18-25 years old. Hope White is the beautiful heroine of the film. She is tough, sexy, confident. Think Jennifer Lawrence in ‘The Hunger Games”. Stunt / archery experience a plus but not necessary. Improv or comedy experience preferred.
President-For-Life Barak Obama: LEAD – African-American, (40-80 years old) to play Barack Obama as an old man. General physical resemblance necessary and must be able to impersonate speech patterns and voice of Obama. President-for-Life Obama is old and will have a long white beard so an exact physical match is not essential. Actors 40 and up apply we can always use more makeup if necessary.
Tinder Tucker: LEAD – Caucasian. 18-25 years old. Tinder Tucker is a handsome but feminine hipster-type. He is small-framed and wiry. He is earnest and has an award winning smile. Improv or comedy experience preferred.
Sanderson Archibald Jr. III: SUPPORTING Caucasian 55-80. He’s telling the story as it happens. He’s the narrator. Appears sporadically through out the film. A real southern looking man. Mutton chops. Think Colonel Sanders.
Mexican Judge: Male, 30-50’s. Stern, authoritative.
Mexican Band Members: 20-30’s – there are four of them. Preferably can play music, but these guys aren’t very good anyway. Off stage their gangbangers.
Ebony: Caucasian, Male, 20-30’s. Heavy set. He’s in the process of switching genders and colors. He has a red beard preferably. We will add synthetic black plastic breasts to costume.
Random: Caucasian, female, 20’s – alternative looking. Hippy, maybe even tats. Interesting look.
NSA/Defense Czar, Laderius Coleman: African American, male, 30s-50 – If we could get the actor Common we would. Think him. Strong presence, but can be a softy.
Drug Czar, Tyrone Jackson: African American, male, 30s-50.
Secretary of State Czar, Lakeisha White: African American, male, 30s-50
Re-education Czar Laquonda Jones: African American, female, 30s-50, Hard nose and to the point
Obamacare Czar, Dr. LaJessiqua Ferguson: African American, male, 30s-50
Treasury Czar, Shernicus Bling: African American, male, 30s-50
Juan: Mexican, Male, 30-50’s Ed’s boss at the border. Snippy little man.
Bartender: Mexican, 40-60.
Slick Rick: 20’s to 30’s MALE – Olive skinned Italian looking 30-40s tough
Radio Roger: 20’s-30’s nerdy looking. Think Radar from MASH.
Ace: 20’s-30’s pretty boy. Gets things done.
Mack: 35-50, Caucasian, a leader of another rebel group.
Fred: 35-50, Caucasian, a leader of another rebel group.
Brack: 35-50, Caucasian, a leader of another rebel group.
El Chapo: 40’s, Mexican, crazy eyed. Leader of the El toritos.
Neil Degrasse: Impersonator: He is much older so an exact physical match isn’t necessary .
Oprah Winfrey Impersonator: Doesn’t have to look exactly like her as this is a much older version of her. MUST be able to mimic her voice and speech.
Morgan Freeman Impersonator: doesn’t have to look exactly like him as this is a much older
version of him.
Michelle Obama: 60-70’s some basic resemblance necessary . Must be able to mimic her speech.
Pam Grier “Blacksploitation” film heroine type: African American, female, 30s-50
Parapalegic: Open ethnicity, Male, 20-40 – good comedic timing. Prefer someone with disability, with both legs missing would be great
Transexual: 20-30’s. Black or Latin preferred.
REMEMBER! Only submit to
Thanks so much!


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