Acting and Music Industry Directory for sale

Hi Guys,

I Know that I haven’t posted any castings in a while, and I am sorry. I have great news, I am getting married and this is something that I always wanted. The problem is I cannot afford to have my dream wedding.

So in the efforts to raise funds for my dream wedding I decided to create a database or directory that will have casting directors, and a music industry directory for sell. I really hope that this can help you in the process of getting and starting your career.

Each Actors Directory will be $40  and each Music Database will be $200.00 for  and it will be available as a PDF once payment is made.  I will be finish with updating soon and adding more as I get them. I also included a breakdown on each.

Please let me know if you can help in anyway or would like to buy the directories.

Actors Directory: $40.00 for each and includes

  • Casting Directors List
  • Extras Casting Directors List
  • Acting Schools List
  • Headshots Photographers List
  • Actors Unions List
  • Samples of Actors Resumes and Covers sheets
  • Entertainment Industry Terminology
  • Child work Permit Information
  • Non-Immigrant Visa Application
I have the following
Music Directory $200.00 for entire directory or $20.00 individually.
Each directory will include Exclusive industry contacts with direct phone numbers, email, address, titles, website links for industry contact with music industry professionals as well as the following
  • Associations
  • Booking Agents
  • College Radio and Venues
  • Conferences and Festivals
  • Music Lawyers
  • Music Managers
  • Records Labels
  • Music Promotions information
  • Regional Promoters contacts
  • 101 Music Industry contracts
  • and much much more
  • click here to Buy Now
Please fill out contact form with what you would like to purchase. Don’t forget to check out for great Indie music  promotions.
Thank you and good luck

Author: Castingcallvip

I am Aspiring Actress looking for a work in this Entertainment world. I started my Blog to help Talent/Artist network or connect in this busy world we call Entertainment. I network with amazing producer, Directors, casting Agents around the world. I also work with A&R Records And all amazing artists in music. I love music and movies and sports and meeting new people.

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