Casting agency is casting men and women For “OZARK” Working tomorrow THURS 9/1- filming in Lake Lanier

Working tomorrow THURS 9/1- filming in Lake Lanier
CASTING for the following for tomorrow (small scenes):
TOURIST WOMEN (Ages 18 to 50) , Middle Class , Caucasian, for both typesfor a scene on a Lake!! Women will be in bathing suits!! Attractive types.
– AND-
FISHERMEN- also some LOCAL and/or TOURIST types
(Ages 18 to 70) , Caucasian
IMPORTANT- MUST have experience with FISHING on a Lake, and please NOTE if you haver your own fishing equipment
(rod and tackle box)
– we wont necessarily need the equip, but just in case…
***KEY NOTES***:
1. NEW faces only!!! Or if you worked the other day as a tourist and were not used, you may submit again but please note this fact!!
2. NO LARGE TATTOOS that are visible if wearing a bathing suit
————————–IMPORTANT NOTES———————————-
Works tomorrow THURS 9/1
Filming in Lake Lanier, GA
– start time will be around 10:00am
Pay rate – $64 for 8 hrs with OT after that
and put “THURSDAY LAKE” in the subject line
(one of from shoulders up and one from the knees up)
A photo of you looking the part is ideal
Then please List the following:
First and Last NAME
(if submitting for a minor, include a parent name and number)
CITY & STATE where you live (where you will be coming from!)
Email address
Men: Jacket, Collar, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
Women: Dress, Bust/Bra, waist, shoe
MEN- List your experience with Fishing on a Lake (brief) and IF you have FISHING ROD and TACKLE BOX
List TATTOOS (where, how large, etc…)
You MUST be LOCAL to the GREATER ATLANTA, GEORGIA AREA (or willing to work as a local hire)


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