How to take your acting career to another level-Learn Tactical training with my friend Matt Clanton

Hi Everyone,One of my favorite shows is True lies, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis and in that movie you see a lot of guns right? Now in order for most actors to get parts where they are shooting guns that have to learn for people on set such as a Police officer, or a gun trainer or even a tactical expert. Where would you find these experts, most of them are on set and training comes with the role,( if you get it that role) so why not learn it now and take the training with you. This would the best way to take you acting to another level.

My friend Matt Clanton  A former Police Officer CEO/ Chief Instructor for  Act Tactical for Film is now giving classes. Watch below.

Here are the details.


TV/FILM TACTICAL TRAININGWe have May & June 4-Day courses coming up! Train in firearms, tactics, fighting, and knife fighting for camera!

Registration/More info:

Dates: 5/04 – 5/07 OR 6/08 – 6/11

Times: 9am – 6pm, lunch 1pm – 2pm each day

Location: Neighborhood Studio Atlanta – 6040 Unity Dr., Suite J, Norcross, GA 30071

Pricing: 1-Day ($100), 2-Days ($175), 3-Days ($225), 4-Days ($350)

Information about the instructor: Click here

What You Will Learn:
NO PRIOR TRAINING is necessary to attend, we welcome beginners on ad up to experienced professionals wishing to learn something new. A lot of material is listed for each course, but don’t let it make you feel overwhelmed. Many of the techniques overlap and compliment one another.

ALL TRAINING is conducted with safety as our first priority. Props weapons are used throughout. Absolutely NO live firearms, ammunition, or live blades are allowed in the below listed training. ***Live fire training firearms is in SEPARATE classes conducted through Elite Defense Tactics in Griffin, GA***


-Firearms safety/handling for camera to portray varioo camus law enforcement and military characters

-Basic room clearing and structure clearing

-Safety checking for weapons (loading and unloaded with props)

-Reloading drills for camera, plus “injured arm” one-handed reloading drills



-Intermediate & Advanced structure/building clearing with multiple teammates using S.W.A.T. tactics

-Tactical gear and equioment use (S.W.A.T. shield, breaching tools)

-Injury & death reactions for camera

-Handgun and rifle disarming (Israeli Krav Maga)



-Safety basics of fighting for camera

-Basics of Israeli Krav Maga use on camera (Military & Police Hand-to-Hand Combat System commonly used for those character types)

-Techniques for moving, striking, & blocking

-Acting out hits/reactions & body mechanics for selling fighting on camera

-Restraint and handcuffing techniques



-Safety basics of using prop knives and other prop edged weapon on camera/set

-Using a prop knife on camera to properly portraying the attacker

-Basics of Israeli Tactical Knife drills for when both opponents are using prop knives in a fight

-Israeli Krav Maga knife defenses/disarms and how they apply safely to camera


Author: Castingcallvip

I am Aspiring Actress looking for a work in this Entertainment world. I started my Blog to help Talent/Artist network or connect in this busy world we call Entertainment. I network with amazing producer, Directors, casting Agents around the world. I also work with A&R Records And all amazing artists in music. I love music and movies and sports and meeting new people.

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