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Every Artist’s main dream is to simply be heard, and eventually from there be heard by the right people to make it in the industry. Well in this technological age there are more opportunities to become heard, however with that the industry has been flooded with talent and you need to set yourself apart from the herd. With this being said it’s all about your public persona, in a simple glance people need to fall in love with your sound and image.
The Emerging Talent Agency has been formed to sift through the immense amount of talent out there in the independent music industry and bring the best talent to the forefront. Not only do we present you with the best new emerging talent, but we have the connections and resources to promote this talent on a larger scale to help them become heard.
Some of these emerging artists and bands can be diamonds in the rough that just need to be polished up to improve the image and overall sound bringing out their full potential as musicians. This can be the difference between aspiring artists whom don’t make it in a difficult industry, and successful musicians being signed to big labels, finally receiving the accolades deserved!
If you are an artist or band and would like us to review you for our services, please tell us about yourself, and post a link to your website or press kit for us to check out.

Join The Show. Sign Up For Management in 3 Easy Steps. (*Opportunities in Magazines, Labels, Radio & More)

Emerging Talent Agency Indie Campaign


Let Us Grow Your Contacts In The Music Industry
Let’s face it… Promoting yourself is VERY TIME CONSUMING!
Tons of social networks to be on in the “hopes” you’ll get somewhere. We take the stress and time out of your day by handling continuing promotion for you. We already have the connections and over 10,000 fans that we are in direct contact with throughout our social streams. You’ll get CONTINUAL exposure to our industry connections in magazine, radio, booking and more. We send you updates with our submissions so you can stay informed of the process, and best of all… You keep your royalties, no contract, simple.
Need some proof? We understand, checkout some success stories.
If you’re a serious musician or band, it’s time to take it to the next level and hire a manager, at a cost effective price. You will be assigned to an agent from our PR Team and work one on one with your manager to develop your own personal campaign that fits your needs best.
As part of our roster, today we’re giving you an instant 5% off – for being a member on our mailing list. Just sign up with one of the packages below and you’ll see your automatic discount. Just mention Erica Bell in the coupon code section.
Our press campaigns submit you to 100+ promotional opportunities worldwide each month. These opportunities include, but are not limited to magazines, radio airplay, labels, gigs, licensing opportunities and more. Throughout our years in the music industry we have found, and formed great relationships with these connections, which greatly increases your odds of acceptance to each submission. In fact… we GUARANTEE at least one inclusion per month! It’s your music that sells itself, we just present it in the best possible manner and are trusted worldwide which greatly increases your odds of getting in. If your music is good enough, you could be accepted to all 100!
1.Get 1yr Full year Representation with your very own manger.

2. Your Own Personal Agent.

3.Worldwide PR Campaigns

4. 1200 + Opportunity Submissions

5. Indie Elite Inclusion

6. Monthly Magazine Inclusion

7. Monthly E-Mail Broadcast

8. Social Media Promotion

Social marketing is huge these days. No matter how many followers you do, or don’t have, its always worth while to reach more. We have amassed a large amount of REAL followers throughout the years. Ranging from fans, to press and taste makers. Now YOU can post through our various profiles and reach our full amount of followers instantly.

In this deal you’ll receive:

– 3 Facebook Posts

– 3 Twitter Tweets

– 1 Pinterest Pin

REACHING 36,600+ TOTAL REAL FOLLOWERS (Fans & Promoters)

MuZicNoteZ Twitter Promo Team

@MuzicNotez @KristiRockz @HaileeMaeK @EmergingTalent

What are you waiting for

Get Signed Now!!!!

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals, whom are obsessed with music, and love promoting new material. We’re still young and on the edge of marketing trends, so our strategies are new age, highly successful, while keeping our prices lower than any of our competitors.

What do we do?

MuzicNotez is here to support you! You’re a musician, focus on your music, we will focus on your promotion. All independent musicians need to be their own manager, PR agent and social media director. Also, no matter if you’re just launching your career, or an established touring musician, an independent musician’s promotional budget is slim. We created promotional strategies that decrease costs, increase broadcasting reach, creating incredible values for you.

Why MuzicNotez?

We’re unlike any other promotional company, we’re also a top rated music magazine. Reviews and interviews in top rated magazines help build your press kit, while increase your SEO (search engine optimization) to naturally build your fan base with real fans! We guarantee positive reviews/interviews in our magazine, plus regularly network with other similar magazines/radio stations to push you to.

MuzicNotez Services?

Our MuzicNotez free roster leads to exposure throughout our site, the MuzicNotez Battles, Notezworthy Charts and spots in our magazine. 

MuzicNotez PRO offers DIY promotional tools including social, PR, industry leads, radio and spots in our magazine. 

Our MuzicNotez BOOST gives you a personal PR agent at a independent artists budget. These include monthly campaigns to guaranteed magazine features, PR blasts and social media exposure. 


Author: Castingcallvip

I am Aspiring Actress looking for a work in this Entertainment world. I started my Blog to help Talent/Artist network or connect in this busy world we call Entertainment. I network with amazing producer, Directors, casting Agents around the world. I also work with A&R Records And all amazing artists in music. I love music and movies and sports and meeting new people.

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