Casting agency are casting HUNDREDS of extras for this day. Please read this entire post carefully .

Here is your chance to work as an extra with Joe Chappelle (‘Chicago Fire’ since the beginning; CSI ‘Miami’, ‘The Wire’) and his dynamite team on THE PAGES!

Please read this entire post carefully before submitting.

Need to be totally available Wednesday, July 5th.
Filming in CHICAGO.

This is only if you have ‘not’ worked this movie yet and if you were not selected or in consideration (received a ‘you were submitted) email from us. If you are still being considered for a feature role, we will not be booking you this day.

Ages 7 to 75 (under 16 must ‘already have’ a current Work Permit with us in order to submit).

ALL ETHNICITIES (especially ethnic).

We are casting HUNDREDS of extras for this day. It should be fun! Bring your IDs. We will email you a wardrobe link if you are booked. Basically, what you would wear if traveling by train and some business types. Bring a prop. Like a small suitcase. Garment bag, etc. They will be getting this scene going right away. You need to be on time.

We would love to have a few ‘real’ families. However, we cannot book many under 16. Teens are also encouraged to submit. OK if you work with your child, since you will be with them the entire time in the scene. You will all be paid. $88 each.
If you are in a wheelchair, please note that in your submission.
Include a photo of who you will have with you.

If you were submitted for HOT DATE for the 5th and 6th and selected for the fine dining scenes, we will cast you for that and keep in touch for ‘The Pages’ another time.

Include if you will need a paid parking spot or coming in another way. With this many people, they need to secure parking today!
Car Pooling and Families are encouraged to help with their budget this day. Everyone in the family will be paid, including parking. But, we would need to count on each and everyone of you. If one car does not show, that could be several people.

As usual, keep your cell phones off on set. Bring any special dietary restriction foods you may need and some water in case they cannot get to you right away with a snack. You will most likely not be there long enough for dinner. Bring a snack.

You must be entirely available starting early morning. Should not be too long of a day. They have other scenes to cover at another location with the actors also. However, you need to stay until they wrap you.

Please use ONLY the following email address from now until after Wednesday for THIS SCENE ONLY. We do not want other emails going to the other address to get overlooked, with the volume coming in. Emails will be limited over this weekend.

We will send you a MAP and your Call Time the night before. (by 2:00 PM today)

Please include a current color photo even if you are registered with us (for easy reference).


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