Hi Everyone, Seatfillers and More are looking for New Talent Escorts.Here is there messages will all the details. Please make sure you read the entire post! Good Luck or as we say in this business, Break a leg! ūüėä

I’m going to include a video on behind the scene on what a talent Escort do!


Hi Everyone,
We hope that you are enjoying your summer so far and its not too hot where you are!
As we like to do from time to time, we try to offer our members a chance to be a part of our shows by doing something else rather than just seatfill and here is one of those opportunities.
We are looking for Talent Escorts in the New Jersey and New York area who either have or do not have experience, to come and join us for a show that we are doing in the Newark, NJ area the first week of August.  We are only looking for those of you that would be available for this particular show and not looking for just those of you that want to be an escort but may live in Los Angeles, or elsewhere at this time.
Before you hit reply, please take the time to read this for all of the details to make sure you fit the requirements and are available for the times needed for this particular event.  This is a NON PAID, VOLUNTARY POSITION but could lead into a paid position for those that do a good job and are asked to join us on future events.  Any and all travel related expenses to get to Newark, NJ will be at your own expense.
  1.  You must be at least 18 yrs of age or older and able to move around quickly, without the need for any assisted walking devices nor be confined to a wheel chair in order to be a talent escort.
  2. You must be a true leader, someone that is confident in themselves, is able to give directions as well as follow directions and not be timid in anyway.
  3. Have extremely good customer service skills, be very friendly and an overall happy person with the ability to keep smiling in a high pressure environment.
  4. Get along with others and be very professional at all times.
  5. Have a background in a profession where you communicate or work with people or be a college student or have graduated from college.  (This is not mandatory, but is the type of person we are looking for)
  6. You can also be a mom who takes care of the kids during the day and just needs something to break up your day with something different.  (Again, not required, but just to give you an idea that this is open to anyone as long as you fit # 1-4)
  7. Must be available to attend a training meeting in Newark at 7pm on Thursday, Aug 3rdfor 2 1/2 hours.
  8. Must be available to assist on Friday, Aug 4th for at least 3 hours during the day between the hours of 8am and 9pm.
  9. Must be available all day on Saturday, Aug 5th starting as early as 9am and assist until as late as 10:30pm
If this sounds like you and you think you have what it takes and are available for the dates and times listed, then we would love to hear from you.  Please send us the following information by hitting reply on this message and answering these questions or just emailing the info to us at admin@seatfillersandmore.com.
  1.  Your full name, first and last.
  2. Your contact phone number as well as a cell phone number.
  3. Your age and ethnicity.
  4. Please confirm that you are available to attend the meeting, training on Thursday, Aug 3rd in Newark, NJ at 7pm until approx 9:30pm.
  5. Please confirm that you are available to assist for at least 3 hours on Friday, Aug 4thin Newark, NJ.
  6. Please confirm that you are available to assist all day on Saturday, Aug 5th in Newark, NJ starting as early as 9am until as last as 10:30pm.
  7. Attach a current photo of yourself with no sunglasses or jackets on please.
  8. Lastly, either attach your work resume or if you do not have a work resume, please tell us in as much detail as possible why you think you would make a good talent escort with our team.  Please give this some thought and really tell us what makes you the best choice over all the others that will be submitting their info.  Tell us about you and all the good things that you bring to the table if we bring you on to this event with us.
Please submit your info to us immediately but the deadline to get us your submission is 5pm edt on Friday, July 28th.  We will not accept any submissions after this time and again, only submit if you are available for the dates and times listed above.  If you are interested in being a talent escort, but not able to assist with this particular event, then please do not submit your info at this time.  We will have other opportunities later this year for those of you in Los Angeles as well as Miami areas.
If you are not interested but have a friend or family member that is, then please feel free to forward this to them and have them submit their info to us at admin@seatfillersandmore.com
Due to the amount of submissions that we normally receive we will only be able to respond to those that are chosen to participate in this event.
Thanks so much and looking forward to meeting many of your soon,

Author: Castingcallvip

I am Aspiring Actress looking for a work in this Entertainment world. I started my Blog to help Talent/Artist network or connect in this busy world we call Entertainment. I network with amazing producer, Directors, casting Agents around the world. I also work with A&R Records And all amazing artists in music. I love music and movies and sports and meeting new people.

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