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How Does Seatfillers and More Work? Seatfillers and More Update – Please Read


Hey everyone,
We wanted to take a few minutes and send this email out to everyone that is a member with us here at Seatfillersandmore.com to explain what sort of company we are and how it works.  Many of you have been members with us since we started back in 1994 when we use to call and ask if you wanted to come to a show, back when we only had a few hundred members.
Well as of today, we have well over 65,000 members with our site and many of you are not familiar with how this works.  So, we thought this would be a great time to explain the process and make sure we are all on the same page.
Seatfillersandmore.com is a FREE SITE, we do not charge any money to you to be a member or to attend shows with us, its totally free.  The reason its free is because the companies that hire us to provide seatfillers or audience pay for this service.  You, in turn, get to attend high profile events that would normally cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, to gain access to.  Most of these shows you can not even purchase tickets to, as they are invite only audiences.
Since most of our shows are such High Profile Events, you and everyone else that is a  member with the sites wants to go, and the demand for most shows is extremely high, which is why its so hard to get into many of our events.  Take for example the Emmy Awards that took place this past September, we received well over 20,000 request for a total of 350 seatfiller spots and with that many people requesting to attend an event that we are only allowed to bring so few, that means most of you are going to be denied on your request.
We try to make this process as fair as we can by doing random selections from all submissions or conducting a lottery where our system randomly selects from your ticket numbers that are issued by our website.  We then send out notifications to those selected.  If we were to go first come first served when we open up a show, then that would not be fair to those of you that may not see the announcement until the next day.  Trust me, sometimes after announcing a show, we receive thousands of request within the first 30 mins of the email going out, so random selections are the way we prefer to select, so that everyone has an equal chance.
During our selection process, we will overbook the show and send out confirmations to more of you than we have spots available, as this has always been the case.  The reason we have to do this is that many will cancel their attendance, sometimes minutes after we send out the confirmations, which we never understand, as why sign up if your just going to cancel?  We also receive many cancellations up to show day as well as numerous no shows on day of show. Since we are contracted to supply a certain number of people to fill seats at a show, we have to make sure we have those numbers and we have usually been pretty good at estimating how many cancels and no shows we will have, so as not to have to turn anyone away from a show, which we never like to do, but it does happen.
Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees that you will get into a show, as there are many factors when it comes to seatfilling.  Remember, you do not have a ticket, you have a Seatfiller Spot and that means you fill empty seats in the audience.  Our confirmation letters that are sent out tell you Congratulations on being selected to attend a specific show, but its for a Seatfiller Spot or as an Audience member, but never a guaranteed seat in the show or event.  You are always taking a risk when you receive an acceptance letter from us to attend the show and normally, 100% of our seatfillers will get in.  However, things will change from time to time and its normally the day of the show that we are informed that the fire marshall will not allow us to use an area, seats get removed for cameras, more tickets are sold day of, etc.
We always try to avoid turning any of you away, as we know that you have taken the time from your day to make the drive, get babysitters, get dressed up, take off of work early, etc, and we don’t take that for granted, as many of you know.  We always try to treat you as professionally and respectfully as we can, and the numerous letters we receive complimenting the crew and telling us about your experience shows that, but we also get letters from those that did not have such a great time.  These are normally from those of you that get turned away, and we want to do better to try and avoid this going forward.
In order to do this, we are changing one of our policies when it comes to Not Showing Up for a show after you have been confirmed.  All we ask is that you cancel your attendance no later than 4 hrs before the beginning of check in time, otherwise you are considered a NO SHOW.
We have started a new policy with the new site where we are tracking your no shows and cancels with us.  You are now allowed to have a total of 1 No Show and on your 2nd No Show, you will lose your account with us and not be allowed to participate in any of our future shows, NO EXCEPTIONS!  There are just too many that are signing up and not showing up, nor are you cancelling, and these people are the ones that are preventing members that want to be there from attending.  We will be posting your status on your accounts and you can always check your status on any of your request, and cancel your attendance yourself, by going to My Account and then My Requested Events when you sign on to the website, www.seatfillersandmore.com.
For cancels, anyone that cancels more that 3 times in a one year period will also lose their account with us and no longer be able to attend any of our shows.  We totally understand that things come up and you have to cancel, but there are many members that sign up and then cancel every show, and we can no longer allow this to continue.
We want to allow those of you that wish to attend the ability to do so and not have to overbook the show as heavily as we have to due to all of these cancels and no shows that have been happening the past few years.  We always say, only sign up if you know you are able to attend so please only do that.  Also, only sign up for the number of people that you know for sure you can bring as that is the other issue, where we allow you to bring friends and family with you and you will sign up to bring 4 but then only show up with 2.  This is also something that we will be addressing in the future.
Lastly, we wanted to let you know that we do not handle every show that takes place in Hollywood, and if we have an event, we will post it on our site.  If you don’t see the event under Upcoming Events, then that means that we are not handling that event.
We want to thank each of you for being a member of the site and we strive to make your experience a fun and memorable one.  We hope that this has given you some understanding on how our site works and addresses some of your concerns as well as ours.  We have some great shows coming up and we will continue to try to get events that you want to attend.
If you ever have a comment or a concern, feel free to send us an email to admin@seatfillersandmore.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Thanks so much,

Help Welcome to our Networking Team. Founder/CEO L.A. MUSIC & ARTS DISTRICT ENTERPRISE

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Hi Artist! Music Networking Opportunity

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Please read entire post and follow directions carefully!Here is a not from Seatfillers and More.com


Hey everyone,
We wanted to remind you that if you have not signed up or checked out the new website, www.seatfillersandmore.com, then we encourage you to do so now.  As a member with seatfillersandmore.com, we would like to keep you active and your old sign on info will not work on the new site.  You must Sign Up for a New Account as a new member, but you can use your old sign on info when you do so.
Since there are many enhancements with the new site, the best part is you only have 1 sign on now, you must set up a new account and once you do this, you are all set and able to submit request to attend our shows once again.  If you have already signed up as a NEW MEMBER, then there is nothing else to do at this time.
Also, you MUST upload a face pic of yourself and its much easier to do this from a computer, not a cell phone, so wait until you are by a computer to set up your new account on our new site.
We also need everyone to please enter your correct date of birth to include the year, as this is part of our enhancement, and a few of you have not done this correctly, and this will prohibit you from being able to sign up for shows.  So, if you did not enter your correct birth date, please sign on to your account and go to My Account and then My Profile and update this field for us.  You will see that you will be able to do much more with the new site and more info will be coming soon about all of these changes.
Our first show with the new site will be the BET Awards where we are looking for Seatfillers and Mosh Pit Party People, but you cant sign up for either of these just yet.  We will be doing so very soon, but in order to get the announcements as well as be able to sign up to attend this or any of our upcoming shows, you have to have an active account with us on the new site.
So please, dont put this off any longer as we will soon not be able to email those of you that are not members on the new site, so dont let us lose touch with you and worse, miss out on all of our upcoming shows.  Go now to www.seatfillersandmore.com and Sign Up Now for your new account and we will talk to you more soon.  If you have already signed up and gotten your welcome letter, then your all set and nothing more to do at this time.We are sending this from the old site just to make sure that everyone received this announcement, so if you unsubscribed from one of our previous emails, dont worry, you are still unsubscribed, but are receiving this as you are still in the old system.  This will be the last email from the old site, so again, please go now and sign up for your account with us which is still totally free and its still totally free to attend any of our shows.

See you at the show….