Help Welcome to our Networking Team. Founder/CEO L.A. MUSIC & ARTS DISTRICT ENTERPRISE

Hi Everyone,I want you guys to welcome Our new Networking partner. Anthony Flores II 



Feel free to call him @ 818-863-0161

To learn about Information on how L.A. MUSIC & ARTS DISTRICT ENTERPRISE can help you;

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Hi Artist! Music Networking Opportunity

Hi everyone,
I’m Sharing this for my Friend and Boyfriend (Love saying that) So please let message him regarding any questions you may have.
Let  know if you need a DJ, I got DPG’$ very own DJ Cell.
#if you got a mixtape/album/ or $how, then you need DJ Cell on that to make it We$t Coa$t official!!!
#$erious inquiries only
#inbox or hit me at (818)863-0161


Help Me!!!

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to raise some funds to travel to Los Angeles for a casting call opportunity. For those that know I network with a lot of casting agents, but without funds I can’t. Now I’m not asking for any money. I know that people are scrap for cash,  For those of you know, I also have a employment agency, and I love helping people find work,  I’m asking is for you to ask anyone  that needs a job to message me.

Thank you!

Please call Erica to schedule an Interview, 1-757-303-8437
or Please send Your Resume  to
Please mention ( Urgent Needs Hiring) in subject line


Please read entire post and follow directions carefully!Here is a not from Seatfillers and


Hey everyone,
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See you at the show….

I need your help!

Hi Everyone,I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any casting calls in a while, For those of you know that I’m a college student as well as a criminal justice major, and sometimes classes are really hard, but I’m almost finished (8 more classes to go)  So today, as I was studying for my final (please wish me luck) I was watching a show called “If loving you is wrong” by the talented writer, producer  Mr. Tyler Perry. And on this show, there was a  character named  “Esperanza” played by the lovely and beautiful Zulay Henao

Now  this had me thinking about what her character job is, and my career objective, Now I decided not only to be you CEO/operator of Castingcallsvip but It made me want to be a 911 Dispatcher.

Now I can manage both my classes and posting the casting calls, but I really need help. The problem is I don’t make any money for posting any casting calls, I do this for fun. because I love helping people.

Now I do need help funding the classes, Now I don’t usually do this kind of thing, because I never like asking anyone to do things for me, I love doing things for myself, But I need help. Now I’ve been doing other side jobs such as independent job recruiter, helping people find work and that’s where you can help me.

So the classes are not expensive, and you can help me in two ways.

1. You can stop by my Go fund my account and help in any way


2. You can help me by going to my Job referral site and refer anyone that needs a job, I get paid once I help someone find work.

Now if you cannot help me than I can understand. I still love you guys, but if you can I would be very grateful.

Erica Bell