CAUCASIAN female talent, age 28 to 40 — MUST BE A SIZE 0 TO 2

CAUCASIAN female talent, age 28 to 40 — MUST BE A SIZE 0 TO 2

–  Web video for a faucet manufacturer shooting in Lancaster, PA  on Tuesday October 15 — full day.  No broadcast usage. 


–  Full day rate is $600 plus $50 travel.  There is the possibility for a second day to shoot stills for print, which would be an additional rate to be negotiated based on usage.


– If you fit these EXACT casting specs, please email head shot and body shot with resume and contact information to


Non-Union Casting Call for October 14th / 15th

Non-Union Casting Call for October 14th / 15th

We are looking for the following talent for a non-broadcast commercial shoot on October 14th & 15th. To be considered you must be available both days. 


1) Male / Mid 30’s / Caucasian or Mixed

2) Female Mid 30’s / Caucasian or Mixed

3) Female / Mid 40’s / Mixed

4) Male / 8-10/ Caucasian or Mixed

5) Male / 8-10 / All ethnicities.


info@eastwardfilms.comPlease send your resume, professional head shots, and any video samples available to

Casting Call Nov 1 for Sketch Comedy hosted By EZ STREET 93.9 WKYS

Casting Call Nov 1 for Sketch Comedy hosted By EZ STREET 93.9 WKYS

HV Film Production {Urban Television Company}


Will hold Casting Calls for “The Show ” with HollyHood & Muhla Green


Friday Nov 1, 2013

@ Cafe 611

611 N. Market st

Frederick Md 21701


6-9pm Hosted by EZ Street 93.9 WKYS



Season 1 ! Will Air On WTTG Fox5 Spring 2014

goto Casting info to check out pilot show that aired on CW50 in the summer 2013


Share this info with anyone you Know who would like a chance to be on “THE SHOW”


MTV is casting for the thought-provoking documentary series “16 and Pregnant.” This series follows the journeys of young women as they face unexpected pregnancies and navigate the difficulties of becoming parents at a young age.

Our goal is to give viewers a look inside the realities of teen pregnancy — from morning sickness and balancing school responsibilities to navigating incredibly difficult decisions and relationships with boyfriends and/or parents, ultimately to the day of the baby’s arrival and beyond.  MTV is looking for young women from varying backgrounds that are facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to share their personal story about this life-changing and complicated journey.


The teen birth rate in the U.S. declined 25 percent between 2007 and 2011. Despite the steep decline in teen birth rates, more than 700,000 teenage girls in the U.S. still become pregnant each year. The vast majority of these pregnancies are unintended.  In a recent poll by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 77 percent of teens age 12-19 that have seen “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” say the shows “help teens better understand the challenges of pregnancy and parenting.”


If you would like to share your story in order to raise awareness about this issue, please email us as soon as possible. Include the city and state you live in, your contact details, a picture and the reason why you’d like to share your story as part of “16 and Pregnant.”




Angela Mickey & Rachel Reiss of Liz Lewis Casting Partners are seeking actors for DEAR JEN, a SAG-AFTRA MODIFIED LOW BUDGET to be shot December 2-23, 2013 in and around Rockville, Maryland. SAG actors welcome.

Please send head-shots and resumes to:  Please include role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line.  Include audition date availability and your travel distance to Rockville.  The auditions will be held in Rockville, Maryland, October 21-23, 2013.  Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition, you will be contacted with the audition time and location if selected.  




Producer: Emily Ting
DIrector: Stephen Suettinger
Writers: Jim Beggarly/Stephen Suettinger

Casting Director: Angela Mickey& Rachel Reiss/LLCP 

Interview Date(s): 10/21-23 in Rockville, MD
Shoot/Start Date: 12/2-12/23

Location: Rockville MD

Pay:  Day Player Rate – $268 + 10% per day



SUBMIT current head-shots and resumes to:

Include the following information:

Role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line


Union Status:

Contact information:

Audition date availability:

Travel distance to Rockville:


SYNOPSIS: After falling off the roof at a New Year’s house party, Owen decides that it’s time to make some wholesale changes in his life. Over the next year, he quits drinking, re-enters his estranged son’s life, reignites old friendships, and falls in love with Vera, a bank teller and fellow divorcee…all in an attempt to replace members of his family who he’d lost prematurely. Owen, a vending machine proprietor, soon finds that sometimes in life, you just need a little change…


OWEN: Bryan Greenberg

VERA: Claire Van Der Boom

KENNY: TR Knight

VICTOR: Marshall Allman

ANGIE: Natasha Rothwell

TODD: Jamie Hector

PAM: Jamie Chung

CINDY: Hilarie Burton

MARTIN: Eyal Podell


[ADAM] INTERESTED IN BOYS WHO ARE LOCAL TO THE BALTIMORE/DC AREA. Should appear 11 years old, Adam is the son of Owen and Cindy and is intelligent and insightful beyond his years. His parents are divorced, and he lives with Cindy. Well aware that Owen is a remarkably undependable and unreliable dad, Adam has spent long frustrating hours waiting patiently for his dad to pick him up for some small planned event, only to wind up trudging back inside again. A nice kid who obviously loves his dad, Adam gets a big break when Owen starts burnishing his crappy act and starts paying diligent attention to his son. LEAD (11)

[CLAIRE] 58 years old, Caucasian female. INTERESTED IN WOMEN WHO ARE LOCAL TO THE BALTIMORE/DC AREA. Claire is Owen’s aunt and the mother of two adult sons Kenny and Victor. Having raised her sons alone for years, Claire has had a difficult life and it’s not getting any easier. Her youngest son Victor is just getting out of prison just as her older son Kenny is potentially going in. Claire’s protective love blinds her from Kenny’s nefarious misdeeds, though she doesn’t hold the same regard for Victor. Not seeing eye to eye with Victor since he went to jail, she asks Owen to take him in, explaining that ”this is what family does – they help one another in times of need.” Claire suffers a mother’s nightmare when Kenny finally admits his sins and takes his own life. LEAD (11)

[KIMMY] Female who appears to be 15 years old (preferably someone over 18 to play younger). INTERESTED IN WOMEN WHO ARE LOCAL TO THE BALTIMORE/DC AREA.Kimmy buys alcohol under the table from Kenny, and winds up half-dead from alcohol poisoning. She then accuses Kenny of sexually abusing her, a charge that leads eventually to his suicide. 2 lines, 2 scenes (12)

[MELISSA] 28 years old. INTERESTED IN WOMEN WHO ARE LOCAL TO THE BALTIMORE/DC AREA.Melissa, Pete’s semi- slutty cousin, drives down from Philadelphia to Maryland to attend Pete’s New Year’s eve party. After having fast and loveless sex in the bathroom with Owen, she casually reveals that she brought her 7-year-old daughter Mandy along with her to the party. Potential for above-the-waist nudity.2 speeches & 6 lines, 2 scenes (10)

[MR WHEELER] African American male age 50-65. INTERESTED IN MEN WHO ARE LOCAL TO THE BALTIMORE/DC AREA.Years of drinking have taken a toll on his physique. His wife running out on him and the never-ending caretaking for his paralyzed adult son has driven him to drink excessively – to the point that his alcoholism finally ends up claiming his life. No lines, appears dead. (65) MAY CAST FROM PHOTOS ONLY.

Casting Call – Sisters or female family members who are feuding

Casting Call – Sisters or female family members who are feuding

Are you currently in an argument with your sister, sister in law, female cousin ormother? Have you been estranged from this person for any length of time? Would you both like help from a world-renowned relationship expert?

Featured on multiple television shows, such as “LA Shrinks” and “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Dr. V has used her trademark sass and kindness to help clients for years.

A MAJOR CABLE NETWORK and an established production company are looking for sisters or female family members across the nation who are currently not on speaking terms. Whether you got into a fight over the family business or you became angry over bad friendly advice, Dr. V is here to help an array of issues.

Looking for women between the ages of 25-50. If you are interested, please send an email with your contact info, name, photo, and a short description of your situation to

CMJ Music Festival Oct 15 All day

CMJ Music Festival

Oct 15, All Day

55 Washington Square South Manhattan, New York

The CMJ Festival has always cut out the middle man and brought the music industry (and more recently, the film industry) directly to its fans, from the newest media platforms to the most vibrant live performances at New York’s top venues. Odds are, next year’s need-to-know bands and films will be here, so don’t miss the chance to take a peek in the crystal ball this October