Hi Everyone.

Welcome to Castingcallsvip INC. We pride ourselves on representing talented musicians and artists across the musical spectrum. Based in NYC  and run by a team of passionate music lovers, Acting professionals, and model agencies all over the world,  we are firm believers in discovering new artists, nurturing their creativity and helping them achieve sustainable success. We are friendly, open-minded, and dedicated professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure our artists are well represented. For more information, contact the team directly. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Second, I want to take the time to thank you for visiting my website. The purpose of this website  that I created is to give you as much information as I can to help you get your foot in the door in this busy entertainment Industry.

If you are looking to become an Actor, Model, Singer, Dancer or just want to be on TV or in the Movies then we want to help you. Through research and networking, we want to assist in helping you complete your dreams and makes those dreams come true.

We’ve been there! Between auditions and networking, we know it can be very draining. We want to help. We have network with amazing Talented people in the entertainment industry with people that work in various fields ranging from casting and talent agencies as well as indie music agencies, that help actors, models and indie music artist. We also have the best directory in the business.

Let us do all the research for you and help you network the right way. Let Castingcallsvip help you get that foot in the door in this busy industry.

Thank you again and Welcome,

Erica Bell